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8 Ways Of Turning Your Pandemic Wedding Into Something Positive.

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

1. Two celebrations: How many people can have a ‘micro-wedding’ followed by a ‘sequel wedding’? The micro-wedding is a tight cast of protagonists, while the sequel re-introduces these lovable characters, joined by a host of new, ready-to-celebrate, supporting loved ones. You can love both events for a multitude of different reasons, as long as your co-star is by your side.

2. Express yourself. Twice. Expressing yourself by displaying your love to your other half twice, expressing yourself by dropping all of the formalities on the second day, expressing yourself by adding in something that you forgot on the first day, and expressing yourself just because you can. Twice.

3. Nerves: No matter how prepared you are or how relaxed you are, there will always be wedding day jitters. From worrying about the weather to worrying about thanking everyone in your speech, it’s a highly emotive day. So, imagine having the opportunity to get all of those jitters out of the way the first time around, and then really letting go on the second day? Plus, there’s less reason to worry about your other half not turning up on day two. After all, you’re married now.

4. Intimacy: Covid Weddings means that the number of guests permitted to attend has been reduced significantly. How do you choose who to bring? How do you pick one sister over another? Rather than worrying about this dilemma, why not just invite parents to the first day, and then invite everyone to the second day? The first wedding is about celebrating you the couple and this beautiful life-event, the second is about celebrating being married.

5. Two cakes: I mean, come on, what’s not to love about this? There are some incredible wedding cake artists out there, none more so than my talented neighbour, Jenny Gleeson and her business, Sweetie Pie. She does smaller cakes too, so no need to feel guilty for splurging on this wedding delicacy twice.

6. Two Outfits: Or one, depending on how you look at it. Let’s face it, wedding dresses are expensive, but they are so, so exquisite. What a shame that they are only worn once. So, imagine getting to shine in your glorious dress, twice? (And from a practical point of view, the cost per wear is immediately halved). Or if you’re feeling generous toward yourself, it’s an opportunity to buy a second dress or a second suit. At the very least, a second pair of shoes.

7. Two Sets of Photographs: Your Mum might take the photos on the first day and capture the momentous occasion that you become a married couple. Then imagine adding these to your second day professional photos and you’ve created a storybook of unforgettable memories.

8. Two Anniversaries: ‘Happy Wedding Anniversary’, followed by ‘Happy Tie The Knot Day’. Two days to reminisce on. That’s pretty special.


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