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Congratulations on getting engaged. Enjoy every moment, it's a spectacular time.

I perform non-denominational wedding ceremonies. That means the ceremony is yours to own and personalise. I include religious or spiritual aspects, or none at all. Whether you want a sprinkle of tradition with a ring exchange and vows, add in a hand-fasting or sand ceremonies, I'm here to weave your personalised ceremony together. This day is about you, and what your imagination will allow you to bring.

Let's chat through some options, and once I know what kind of ceremony you're looking for, I will also supply a list of readings and poems, both in English and Irish to add to your ceremony.( If you would like any, or all of your ceremony to be conducted through Irish, I’d love to help you with this)


Alternatively, if you just want a ceremonial wedding (so no legal bit), the ceremony works the exact same way -we just don't sign the Marriage Registration Form at the end. - But we can still sign a ceremonial certificate.

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It's never too late to create, or indeed relive, your dream day, especially when you've already married to your perfect partner. Whether you want to celebrate one year together, ten or even fifty, renewing your vows is one of the most romantic gestures you can make. 2020/2021 were especially difficult years to get married, with many couples having to scale back on all aspects of their big day. So why not renew your vows once the time is right, in front of all your friends and family?

Forest Wedding
Ceremony Types: About


Congratulations on becoming a parent. It's a joyful, life-changing experience. In lieu of a religious ceremony, many parents are now seeking a simpler naming ceremony to celebrate the birth of their child. Naming ceremonies can occur in any venue of your choosing, be it your own home or a local venue. Gather family, pick life guardians to guide and protect your child, and celebrate the event with a rose petal ceremony or a beautiful tree planting ceremony. 

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Ceremony Types: About
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